Hey! I'm Sancarn. I enjoy exploring the mechanics of all games especially Minecraft and here I am writing a description for the Zipkrowd server website. So here goes a description of my life… with respect to minecraft that is:

The first version of Minecraft that I played was Minecraft Classic. For those who don't know, this was a web based version of Minecraft and was completely free to play! I played with one of my friends who was a builder. I was having a fair amount of fun with classic but I was still skeptical about Minecraft and was still considering whether it was actually worth buying.

Come BETA 1.4 my friend was telling me how, if I bought the game, I could make a survival server with her. Still being skeptical about the potentials of Minecraft, my friend decided that she'd just buy it for me! I'm glad she did. I started playing survival Minecraft and I was absolutely loving it. Unfortunately I started playing just before the release of 1.5 which meant I missed the First Minecart boosters :( To this day I'm still considering downgrading to BETA 1.4 at some point in some world, Just so I can experience the minecart boosters how they used to be.

BETA 1.5 came and trap doors were out! I set out to make my first redstone trap, to trap creepers. I had previously used very simple button push doors so this was my first time doing real applications with redstone. I was still in my Minecraft infancy and my knowledge of the game mechanics weren't great at all. But I managed it! I managed to create a trap door! It's safe to say it was fairly rubbish though :P However I did enjoy it so that was something!

BETA 1.6 came and I started looking into making a minecraft server for me and my friends. Turns out making a minecraft server back then was extremely difficult. I spent many hours tinkering with ports and trying to get a world going on a certain port. It seemed like an impossible task but I made it in the end.

BETA 1.7 came and boy was I rolling! The piston was finally released and I remember the tidal wave of inspiration, new ideas, new possibilities. BETA 1.7, in my opinion, was the Holy Grail for reds toners and there hasn't quite been an update like BETA 1.7 since its release. Pistons were fantastic and I was having a blast with them! Coming up with multiple new ideas like bridges that come up from a lava lake and doors and banks.

Soon though my friends stopped playing on my server as they found new games to occupy themselves. I continued alone on Minecraft and it was quite boring on my own. So one day I thought, and I have no idea why I thought this, that it would be a great idea to record my own videos. It was probably after watching other youtubers videos, like the yogscast - they were my favourite ;). So I got fraps and started making videos! I still remember my first videos of my train station and my bank. At the time I didn't really know the proper redstone terminology and I kind of understood the logic behind my own redstone but not the logic behind other peoples redstone.

When I posted the videos I sort of knew that no one would really comment or view the video unless I publicised it. So I started searching and I found the Minecraft Forums. Goodness this place was thriving! People posting about new ideas they had and people finding really weird glitches and quirks in the game! This place was absolutely perfect for me and I went on every day and found all the new quirks that people had found and the inventions they'd made.

When I posted one of my videos, one about a vending machine, on the minecraft forums a user, who goes by the name of Shashz, contacted me with his own design for a vending machine. I enthusiastically responded and got his Skype details and we played a few hours of Minecraft together on a server he hosted with his vending machine on. We kept in contact and made a second youtube channel together: www.youtube.com/sneakybasket.

I also started my superflat survival map on this channel, uploading flatlander episodes every week or so. I soon realised how hard it was to actually organise and do collabs with multiple people and decided that the it was just too disorganised. Soon our youtube collaboration died and so did the channel. My final video with Shashz was the a very short video about 2 dirt blocks: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jn8s1WOa4Zg.

Around this time I started messing around with minecarts also. At this point you couldn't get redstone in super flat maps so the only choice was to use minecarts, pressure plates, soul sand, fences etc. I soon became known for my redstoneless circuitry and minecart boosters. I then send my redstoneless minecart station, this video:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QZSHamSbMlU to JL when one of the server competitions was up, not really expecting any response. It was reviewed by Panda and I was accepted in! Only after being accepted into the server did I realise what these guys did and I have to say I absolutely loved it! It boosted my love of minecraft to a new level.

However as of 1.6 I started to get bored of Survival Minecraft and so did some of the others on the ZipKrowd server. I became more interested in being creative in minecraft and finding and exploiting glitches. But I still pop on from time to time to give a helping hand but often nobody was online or no big projects were being done. Until the new year of 2014. Big projects are up and running again and I'm being more creative in minecraft than I ever have been! So you can hope to see more series episodes, Glitches and Exploits from me soon!
  • Started: 20 April, 2011
  • Joined: 18 July, 2012
  • Location: United Kingdom
  • Aliases: Sandcarn, San, Sancy, Father of Minecarts
  • YouTube: sancarn
  • Twitch: sancarn