I am a student in Bavaria, Germany. I started Minecraft thanks to my little brother in the middle of Alpha and after I learned how to "minecraft" I started to farm everything possible right away.

At first I played on several private servers that I used to host on my local computer for me and some friends, where I mainly did various redstonebuilds and where I got in touch with hMod, which was basically the forerunner of Bukkit, and several plugins, for example CraftBook and WorldEdit.
After that I started to play singleplayer, but afaik, that world is unfortunately lost.

With the introduction of the Adventure Update (Beta 1.7 / 1.8) I started to play modded Minecraft with the most known mods, e.g. Buildcraft, IndustrialCraft, PistonMod(!), Redpower, etc (ComputerCraft didnt exist yet...) and also built a few very laggy farms, at least they used to be for my old computer..

But shortly after that I already joined the ZipKrowd server which had no name yet and was called "JL2579's server" by the community.
From then on I started to build even bigger farms together with the others under JL's and Panda's administration.
With the release of snapshot 12w18a I started a YouTube channel and my first video was about the first full-automatic itemsorter ever done in Minecraft, sadly it wasnt the first itemsorter on YT, since I didnt know how to edit/record at that time..

Later on I started to do a LP on Unhost's Nativ-server which sadly broke apart thanks to the hosting company stopping its service :(

After that Pommes_Peter, marci4, ich_ (aka CodeRaider which was no member of ZK yet) and me started a modded Minecraft series and we made several videos in German (Pommes_Peter) AND English (me).
Unfortunately we started to get several issues with the map until it broke. Because of that and the fact, that Slowpoke was just about to release the well known FTB-Launcher we decided to stop the series.

Shortly after the Modded series we (ZK) then decided to restart our map thanks to 1.5 having new world generation-features we didnt want to miss, so I just started my current "ZipKrowd Let's Play" where I mainly build on my own base which is hopefully going to turn out well.

Simultaneously I got invited to Xisumas TechnicalBeast server which was basically a FTB-server which had the same goal as ZK: Build everything in a team and try to farm everything possible.
I decided to leave the server after the community lost interest and the server died. (I always had to play alone, thats not the purpose of a server...).

Nowadays I am playing on ZipKrowd, sometimes on CubeKrowd-FTB and also a lot of Battlefield 4. Thanks to me being about to finish school I dont have a lot of time lately which results in me not releasing YT-vids that often lately :( But I will hopefully upload more soonish ;)
  • Started: October, 2010
  • Joined: 15 January, 2012
  • Location: Germany
  • Aliases: preisiHD, preisi3, preisi4, badkiller
  • Specialization: Redstone, Automation, Modding
  • Affiliations: ZipKrowd, CubeKrowd, AFB
  • YouTube: preisiHD
  • Twitch: preisiHD
  • Twitter: @preisiHD