I am a computer science student in his midtwenties located in Aaachen, Germany.

When I picked up Minecraft in February 2013 I quickly started to do redstone and "did my homework", learning as much about game mechanics as I possibly could.

I started building various farms including but not limited to an iron trench and I also developed quite a few different farms by myself.

Most of my work at that time was inspired by ZipKrowd's designs which lead me to hang out on their teamspeak when I had the time and have a chat here and there.

Eventually I started digging and blowing up a perimeter around a witch hut, which lead me to experiment with different patterns of placing TNT.
However I never finished that perimeter since I was invited to join ZipKrowd when I was about 20% done after around 2 weeks of digging and blowing up as much as I could from the TNT I made.

Since I joined ZipKrowd I have started a Youtube channel where I have an LP where I mostly build in my base which will eventually be a theme park.
Other than that I participate in the (mostly huge) community projects, do some collab stuff with the others which includes but is not limited to designing stuff in creative.
  • Started: February, 2013
  • Joined: 1 June, 2013
  • Location: Germany
  • Aliases: milkY
  • Specialization: Redstone, Industrialization, TNT
  • Affiliations: ZipKrowd
  • YouTube: milkYw4iMC
  • Twitch: milkYw4i
  • Twitter: @milkYw4i