I am supposed to talk about myself a bit in here, but i actually don't know what to tell you?
I like a game called "Minecraft", which i play maybe a bit to often.
I also like programming and electronics, which might be the reason why i dig in the dark and twisted mind of my favourite game.
It is there where i find the knowledge needed to get the most out of a few blocks, some mobs, maybe a piston here and another over there, some more redstone .....
Damn you squirrel(Brain user)! Where was i?
Ah, Right. So besides all of that i like to program modifications and tools, of which the later ones mostly center arround minecraft somehow....hmmmm...
But there was also a time before Minecraft, of course. I mean, i like other things and games, too. I remember the last one, right before Minecraft.
I ended up on a server with a small group of people, optimizing strategies, modifiing the code, ... uh ... i'm starting to see a pattern here?
You know what, i'm done here. If you're reading this you already know who i am and what i do.
Soooo, thanks for reading and ... write you? ... next time!