Hey, this is Pommes,
I started playing Minecraft some time ago, early 2011 where I saw it a friend playing it. I was sceptical first and actually got myself the cracked version of it.
After a short time I knew this was a really great game and that I was gonna buy it wich I did then in May of 2011. So there was I, playing around in the old beta and I had no idea what was actually possible in this game but already back then, I was interested in the technical part of Minecraft and started building minecart-stations and little farms like cactus-farms. I never thought about killing monsters with mob traps since I saw "Gronkh" a famous german Let's Player, he was the frist guy I saw building something of that kind.

The updates came with nothing too spectecular until Minecraft 1.7, the piston update. I was really exited about the pistons and was courious what was possible with them. Back then I was playing on a public Minecraft-Server called "Stranded", I only have nice memories to back then because we were a great community and it was somewhat close to what the ZipKrowd-Server and the CubeKrowd-Server(The fan-server) are today. But it found its end with the admin compleatly abandoning the server because he was too busy with other stuff and all efforts to keep the server up also failed.
At this point I already found JL's channel because I was looking for stuff you can do with pistons on YouTube and found his elevator video. I was young and didn't speak english well so it was a tough time to get what he was explaining in his videos. But I subscribed to him anyways and while I was looking through his videos, I figured out that he is german. Wich was fortunate because I couldn't have applied to someone in english at that point.
JL's project at that time was building an adventure-map which is basicly self-building itself and in one update video he was searching for someone who could build nicely. At this point I had my own little creative world and was playing around with pixel arts and trying to make things look nice in general.
So I sent JL a message where I said: "Hey I know some cool pixelarts for example Mario, Yoshi etc. I could send you pictured as well if you want."
He replied: "Do you have skype because if you do, we can talk about that and you could build live on the server."
And I was on the server. It was that easy!
Well, I was on the adventuremap-server wich was hosted by JL on his old laptop. The only people that were on the server back then were: JL, Panda, Boernify and Inspector7. A guy called mister_m joined the same way as I did by applying for building. JL was pretty happy with the work I did but the contact almost broke because I wasn't too exited anymore when the map broke due to Minecraft updates. We entered 1.8 (The big adventure update) meanwhile and I was exited about the final release of the game.
At some point I just randomly joined the IP, JL gave me and it actually woked and I was on the new/old Server-Map. That was the point where I "officially" joined the server and was active all the time and It took a little while until new people joined the server like preisi, marci4 and KaiserColo (Who was the first american on the server). From then on things went their way and here I am now,still the youngest server-member with 16, a new map again, NO ugly giant melon as the main farming area and a huge perimeter around the storage room.
All the giant builds would just be fiction if we didn't have so many amazing people working on them alone, or together, all the time and if we didn't have soo many amazing people supporting us like you guys are! I had NO idea in what direction this would go when I joined the server the first time because we all couldn't imagine.
Thanks for everything!

If you have any more questions, feel free to contact me via YouTube.
  • Started: 14 May, 2011
  • Joined: 18 September, 2011
  • Location: Germany
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