Hey Guys!

I usually try to keep it all about the game and I don't plan to make a exception here.

So the game was played by me in Beta 1.6.6 (around the time pistons were announced for 1.7).
Well, I came in touch with the classic version earlier but it was around this time that I started playing the game regularly.
When 1.7 finally was released I played around with pistons and looked what other people did with them.
And that was when I found JL2579's channel. I followed his videos for a while since I could learn a lot from him as the Minecraft noob that I was at the time.
One day I decided to contact him over his YouTube channel and ask him to take a look at some of my piston builds. Even though he was an advanced player he was still impressed by some creations I showed him and he invited me to a server which he set up on his local PC. We began to build together and got to cooperate in some other projects.

JL recorded a server tour every so often and since we built together he invited me to join the recordings.
Till here I had never considered to upload videos to YouTube.
But one day we had built a nether ward farm and JL had no time to record it so he suggested that I could do it.
I was proud of the thing since it was one of the first somewhat automated nether ward farms. Also JL's local Server went offline when ever JL was offline.
So I sit there with a nether ward farm design and unable to play on the server. I had nothing better to do and a recording program was found rather quick.
It was just one crappy video but I tasted blood :-)

At some point I started my single player world and so on. Well that's enough for this page for now.
I don't think many people will read it. If you read till here and want to hear more just tell me ;-)