You wonder how I got into minecraft? Well it all started a bit differently than you might expect, so here is my story:
I was actually just randomly browsing YT videos and stumbled across some of the super old viral minecraft videos, that was for example the Starwars Enterprise Build by halnicholas, and also found a Let's show episode by a guy called Gronkh, where he showcased some of his survival builds he had put together.
I was just instantly awestruck by this game. Infinite random landscape. Terraforming with no limits. just dig through the world and stumble across random cool caves. SO COOOL!
Well, I downloaded the free classic version the same day and figured out that just a creative building mode with very limited blocks wasn't what I was looking for, I wanted the full survival game. So I bought it the next day, i never actually played any cracked version or anything ;)
So for the first half year I got slowly into the game, first of all I played singleplayer, and kept just being killed by mobs, I also remember that it took me 5 mins to figure out how to remove a block since I wa always trying to click it instead of holding the mouse button...
I eventually started joining random servers and looking for some with a cool and grief-free community. I eventually found some and was just noob-survival playing there, without using any redstone! Having fun exploring caves, finding a dungeon, and quite soon, as I saw one of the very early mob trap designs and how cool TNT is, my one and only goal was to build a giant mobfarm. So I decided to excavate a hole and build a mobfarm with tons of layers everywhere... I was super proud of eventually owning 5 !!!! double chests of cobblestone, sometimes other players came over to help me a bit, but when the farm was finished, well, it was producing some gunpowder, but only a tiny fraction of what I thought it would. What I didn't know at that time is that you had to also light up caves and also that other players would heavily influence your spawnrates in mulitplayer^^
So you might wonder how I got into redstone? Well I actually eventually restarted on another server and was going for just an even bigger trap, but then i started to also become fascinated by minecarts, and well, figured out that an automatic minecart station would be cool, and by that time that was pretty much the only real usefull thing you could do with redstone beside some smaller applications like a double door ;)
I also kept on watching minecraft youtube videos, I especially was a big fan of gronkhs Minecraft LP at that time - I believe i started watching him around episode 50 and stopped around episode 300 - by now gronkh is the biggest german youtuber of all , with over 2 million subs and over 1250 Minecraft episodes!
So I discovered ethoslab, I was actually not subscribing to him because he sounded so boring, but was somehow still interested in some of his content, he had around 10.000 subs at that time. But most importantly, I found minecraft videos about the piston mod. The revolution! I started to think about applications for pistons, how they would revolutionize the game because you would be able to move blocks, like holy wow, inception, you could even move pistons themselves!
So I actually uploaded 3 minecraft videos before the pistons came out over that time, at first a cactus farm, then an toggable water switch with muliple uses I was very proud of (remember, before the pistons it wasn't that easy^^) and last but not least a tnt cannon that could launch you up to 4 km into the sky, yay! But they never recieved a lot of views, I was actually posting the water switch on the minecraft wiki page about water to get it to more views, which kinda actually worked, and I recieved a comment like once in a week on that video and was happy that people were interested !
At some point I decided to start my own multiplayer world with a 3 friends from my sports group, and we kept playing on that , working somewhat together, but still everyone had his own goal in mind . This is were the origins of the zipkrowd server are!
But then mojang actually made the piston update happen. I had never played the piston mod myself before, but as I said, I already had 4 cool things to do with pistons planned in my head, and so the day the update came out I instantly started engineering them, it took my a while to get the piston elevator working since I didn't know about the piston bud effect at that time and was struggeling to get it to work, but I eventually was able to get it working and also build 3 other little piston contraptions that I all uploaded very soon afterwards. Now since I was so quick in uploading them and a lot of people were searching for piston creations on youtube at that time, that video very quickly gained several hundred views, and a guy called cambo234 was so amazed by it that he sent it to his favorite youtuber at that time, which was docm77! So Docm actually liked the video so much that he posted a bulletin on his channel which linked his 5.000 subs over to me, and we got in contact with each other and exchanged skype, thanks cambo234 ;)
Well over the next weeks the video went somewhat viral and I gained over 1000 subscribers , and i released some more piston inventions, also decided to start working on an adventuremap and well, more and more people wrote me pms saying that they would be interested in exchanging skype or playing together.
The next person who joined our server was panda4994, he actually wrote me a PM showing his versions of the piston gate I just had made a video about, so at some point after writing back and forth I invited him to our server, and we had a lot of fun just playing survival there and slowly gaing more knowledge about the game, good old times were iron was something rare and precious and we once spent a whole night just digging a tunnel at lava level in one direcition and exploring the caves, and we ended up with like 40 diamonds at the end, which was an absolute mindblowing amount ;).
So over time more and more people joined, Pommes_Peter was also one of the first ones, and we eventually dediced to restart our server when the beta 1.8 terrain generator update came out . At that point I decided It would be cool to start recording our progress from time to time, the servertour was born! At that time we just called it let's multiplay, and our first episodes were really derpy and noobish, still we were having tons of fun :D
So with me releasing videos about the server and piston creations aswell as other designs from time to time my channel kept on growing, although I never ever adapted a regular upload schedule or a series with a regular upload frequency. I never expected thi channel to get so big despite me being so "unprofessional" about it, but it was awesome - because it allowed me to actually spent some adsense money i started to earn on my idea to electrify my recumbent bicycle together with my buddy ;) And I guess most of you saw the outcome, that thing was at least as overpowered as most of the zipkrowd inventions are.
Btw, if you are wondering, why Zipkrowd and who came up with it? It was actually Wubbi!
He won one of our server contests we were doing at that time because I recievd so many applications and could only let few people in, and is definitly an incredibly smart addition to our server ;) So when we decided to restart our server a second time for the launch of the redstone update , we decided its time to give our server and our community a proper name, and wubbi came up with the idea Zip-Krowd, because zip stands for compacted, aswell as impetus and zip-code ( people were already calling me JLzipcode at that time ^^ ) and the "Krauts" are the germans, since we are mostly germans, also crowd is a group of people !
OldGanon then was the one who made the best logo for it, and since he also already participated in one of the older server contests and was one of the close candidates we decided to let him join aswell, and it was well worth it as you know by now!
Aside from minecraft, I am a physics student, currently working on my bachelor thesis and am usually doing a lot of sports, that is mainly running (track and field, mostly 400-800m in competitions). I am still living at my partents house, but I plan to move out as soon as I get myself to upload that regularly that i can actually afford it :)
Thanks everyone who subscribed to my channel and is even do dedicated that he read through this way too long post here, if you still have questions, feel free to ask them per youtube PM or to, and I will then update this description with more info if necessary! See you in the comment section of the next video/at the next Gamescom / on the next Minecon!
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