Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is ZipKrowd?

    ZipKrowd is a white-listed, Vanilla Minecraft Survival Server focused on the technical aspects of the game.
    We try to push the limits on everything in Minecraft especially when it comes to farming and automation.

  • I can't believe you did all that! Is it really Vanilla Survival?

    Yes! The ZipKrowd server really is Vanilla Survival.

    We have a separate Creative server where we test everything before we build it, but everything on the Survival was built one block at a time on Hard difficulty and without mods.

    From time to time, you may see time-lapses we've recorded in Creative with camera accounts, but we promise that they don't touch anything.

  • Can I play/talk/hang-out with ZipKrowd?

    When we have time, we love to interact with our fans and followers. You can often find us on the offical ZipKrowd Teamspeak (, and the CubeKrowd Fanserver - The Official Fanserver of CubeHamster and ZipKrowd!

    We also have a Reddit page, YouTube channel, and an official ZipKrowd Twitter that you can follow.

    Be sure to also follow individual members' YouTube channels, Twitch streams, and social media pages as well.

  • Can I join ZipKrowd? / How do I join ZipKrowd? / How do I get invited to ZipKrowd?

    ZipKrowd is not open to public enrollments or auditions. ZipKrowd is a white-listed, invitation-only server.

    This means that you cannot join by asking, and can only play on the server if a ZipKrowd operator allows you to.

    We are currently not seeking members for the server, and only grant membership to players who impress us with both their creations and personality.

  • When is the next Server Tour?

    Server Tours take a lot of work both during the recording and behind-the-scenes when we're building, so we never know for sure when the next one will be.

    The ZipKrowd members are from all over the world and always busy, so sometimes it takes a while before we find the time to make Server Tours.

    We always put a lot of hard work into our creations are extremely grateful for your patience and support in between episodes.

  • What texturepack did I see in that video/stream?

    You're probably speaking of "oldGanon's improvements".
    The download can be found here.